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Principal's Message

Principal Rutoh TohjiPrincipal Rutoh Tohji

Education with 96 years of tradition.
Meijo Gakuin will make your three years shine.

"Be honest, cheerful, and of noble mind" is the teaching of Meijo, and the origin of the name of the school. The school was established in 1921 (10th year of Taisho era), and since then, the school's focus has been to foster women into those who can contribute greatly to the society.
At the time the school was established, it was during one of the most eventful times of Japan, with Taisho democracy running the country. With that democracy, the school was built on a motto to respect traditional culture while providing an education that promotes a free and open-minded spirit.
Moreover, we have been fostering global perspectives in our students. Since the beginning of the Showa era (1930's), the school has provided a trip that goes from Korea to Manchuria, China, and provides mutual exchange opportunities to students from local girls' schools. This tradition of international exchange has been passed down for years, and currently, we provide mutual exchange opportunities, as well as short-term study abroad, to Marist Girls' School in Australia.
One of many instances of our respect for traditional culture is Waka (classical Japanese poem) class. This class has been held 84 times, and has been taught by Reizeike, who passes down the teachings of great poet Sadaie Fujiwara to this day. This class has a great academic reputation as a unique class that has not been offered anywhere else. We also commemorate special days during the school year, including the deaths of great poets Basho Matsuo and Ietaka Fujiwara.
Meijo Gakuin fosters women who are educated, open-minded, and who seek intrinsic beauty rather than trends.