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Campus Facilities

The pink school building is popular among students.
Abundant and clean facilities are filled with everyone's laughter!

  • Meijo Hall

    Meijo Hall

    This hall holds dance classes and events for each grade. The first floor has an audiovisual room as well as a wind instrument room.

  • Gym


    The gym holds physical education classes as well as various events for sports teams and clubs.

  • Cafeteria


    The cafeteria provides both volume and many varieties of food to choose from. We use ion water, and every meal is a health conscious home cooked meal.

  • Campus Store

    Campus Store

    At the campus store, you can purchase everything you need for school life. The fact that high school has its own campus store is rather luxurious.

  • Campus Store

    Campus Store

    The store has freshly made rice balls; different kinds of breads, deserts, and drinks; and always welcomes you with a smile.

  • Library


    The library has been newly renovated. It has approximately 40,000 books in stock.

  • Tea Room

    Tea Room

    This is an orthodox Japanese tea room with courtyard which is used for many school events.

  • Manners Room

    Manners Room

    This unique facility represents Meijo's motto to foster the mental and intellectual growth.

  • Cooking Room

    Cooking Room

    This room is equipped many cooking appliances including a stove, oven, and rice makers. Students can also watch detailed cooking techniques using monitors.

  • Clothing Room

    Clothing Room

    There is one sewing machine for every two students. The room is also equipped with plumbing for dyeing clothes.

  • Calligraphy Room

    Calligraphy Room

    This calligraphy uses the wall as display space. The room has plumbing and large space to perform calligraphy.

  • Computer Room

    Computer Room

    This room has 48 state-of-the-art computers, and has become the center of information delivery.

  • LL Room

    LL Room

    This room provides the essential equipment for students to improve English skills, including listening and speaking.

  • Audiovisual Room

    Audiovisual Room

    This room is equipped with video and audio systems. It is used for classes that utilize video materials.

  • Piano Room

    Piano Room

    This room has with 19 digital pianos.

  • Care training Room

    Care training Room

    This room is equipped with a GATCH bed, wheelchair, toilet seat, and bath robes.

  • Training Room

    Training Room

    This training room has equipment that allows for physical strength improvements through classes and sports training.

  • Study Hall

    Study Hall

    Our school has a private study room with individual desks and dividers. Every student can focus on their studies in a quiet environment.