2. Course introduction
  3. Advanced Course

Advanced Course

Lesson Point

Point1  Thorough preparation for the college entrance exam starts in year 1!

Mini tests in the morning, a seven period school system, and everyday classes are the practice format in the second and third years. We provide private assistance for each student to get them into their post secondary school of their first choice, and offer exam preparation classes during the summer, winter, and spring vacation.

Point2  An Academic Record allows student to study on their own.

Students are required to keep an Academic Record everyday showing what they have learned and worked on, and exchange the record with his/her homeroom teacher every day. This has been a great tool that allows student to see their daily activity objectively and improve their academic habits as well as lifestyle.

Point3  Private assistance that overcomes the academic weakness of each student.

Meijo Gakuin will provide a challenging curriculum that allows students to pass the entrance exam in the last year of high school, even for the top universities in Japan. We offer a small class size and private lessons to overcome the academic weakness of each student.

  • Japanese class

    Students will gain basic academic skills in the first year. In the second year, students will gain practical skills in Classical Japanese and Modern Japanese classes. In the third year, they will learn how to prepare for the college entrance exam, on top of the classes for self-expression skills and preparation for the Japanese aptitude portion of the entrance exam.

  • Math class

    Meijo's math classes aim to strengthen students' basic problem solving skills, as well as calculation abilities, to form a solid foundation for the college entrance exam. Along with private sessions, students will be well-prepared for the exam.

  • English class

    In April, Meijo students are required to perform English Rakugo (comic storytelling) together with study abroad students from our sister-city school in Australia. This experience, along with many other school activities, allows students to grow in their communication skills.

  • English class

    Also, first and second year students will prepare for TOEIC, and third year students will prepare for college entrance exam using a computer based program in class. This program not only allows students to learn during the class, but also on their own at home.