2. Course introduction
  3. Nursing Course


Lesson Point

Point1  70% of required credits are the required subjects for the college entrance exam.

Meijo Gakuin specializes on preparing for nursing or medical-related universities. Through the three years of schooling, there are 23 credits for Japanese proficiency, 21 credits of math, 15 credits of science and 24 credits on English. These four subjects account for 70% of the entire credits. Thus, curricula are filled with materials that will be important to the exam, starting in the first year of school.

Point2  Learn the right attitude for nursing thorough practical and internships.

This course offers a school trip to nursing and/or medical schools, as well as internships at hospitals to deepen the understanding of medical field. This experience allows student to learn compassion, personality, and attitude, along with knowledge to be a medical woman.

Point3  Attentive assistance for entrance exam preparation.

Meijo Gakuin offers private sessions that provide steady growth in the Japanese language - better than any regular class room environment starting in the first year. Also, we use e-learning that allows students to learn English anywhere, which is also required for entrance exam.

Additionally, we have nurses and doctors teach our students practical medical skills and knowledge, including first-aid treatments as well as emergency treatments, through our nursing course. At the end of the course, each student will receive a diploma. This course provides the opportunity for students to work with nurses measuring temperature, blood pressure, preparing meals, and assisting patients in wheelchairs. Students can experience the medical field first hand, which not only prepares them to become medical women, but also prepares them for required essays on the entrance exam. Along with these real-life nursing experiences, students in this course will be thoroughly trained for the entrance exam to get their first-choice school.