2. Course introduction
  3. Regular Course


Lesson Point

Point1  Basic Learning

Focus on basic study at the 1st grade, and form a habit for preparations and reviews for lessons.

Point2  Curriculums for Each Goral

Meijo Gakuen offers curriculums which are based on their future majors.

Point3  Experience a Trial College Lesson and Works

1st year: Offer a trial college lesson and career experience.
2nd year: Students required taking an aptitude test and career guidance.
3rd year: Preparing for entrance exam trough

Pick one emphasis from our eight different majors that fits your future (Staring in the second year).

  • Private University

    This major supports students who want to go to a private university. This course focuses on classes that strengthen Japanese and English.

  • Medical Field

    This major assists students who want to pursue the medical field. It focuses on strengthening Japanese and math.

  • General Majar

    This major is designed for those who want to become a public servant, or go to a trade school or community college. The major focuses on basic academics and practical skills, including computer skills, that can be easily applied in any work place.

  • Early Child food Education

    This major is designed for those who want to pursue early childhood education. The major not only offers classes that provide practical skills to become an early childhood educator, including piano, crafts, and child development knowledge, but also internships at daycare centers to foster the appropriate attitude and sense of responsibility.

  • International Education

    This major is for students who are interested in working internationally. The major offers English, Chinese, and Korean as well as classes than deepen one's understanding of international issues.

  • Food Creation

    This major is for students who are interested in food. The major provides nutrition classes to understand the food, as well as cooking classes to deepen one's knowledge about diet.

  • Liberal arts

    This major is for those who want to go to liberal arts universities. The major offers basic and technical skills in the knowledge of art.

  • Sports

    This major allows students to learn how to become sports trainer or personal trainer. The major offers many classes that deepen one's understanding of the human body and prepares students for the Student Trainer Certification.