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Club Activity

  • Brassband


    We, Brass band club, are practicing to balance both concert performances and marching performances. Thanks to our continuous effort, we were able to participate in nationals in both the concert category as well as the marching category. You will be able to gain not only the technical skills for brass band, but also many valuable experiences, so join our club to work towards the same goal with us!!

  • Koto club

    Koto club

    Koto club works diligently to advance further in prefecture-wide competition. Also, we have a charity performance three times per year in the community. Our performance of wearing traditional kimono and hakama (Japanese traditional pants) at the annual school festival has a reputation of being very elegant. Everyone is a beginner when they join our club, so feel free to come and try anytime.

  • Japanese Calligraphy

    Japanese Calligraphy

    Calligraphy seems plain, but this is a myth. It offers different types of techniques from basic to advanced artistic techniques. At our club, you can express yourself and discover your new artistic identity.

  • Art


    Our art club never lacks smile and laughter, and seniors and juniors have a great relationship. Students enjoy making different artwork on a daily basis, including the artwork that is as tall as they are.

  • Tea Club

    Tea Club

    We invite teachers every Wednesday to perform the tea ceremony. Since we have limited number of members, seniors and juniors have great relationship. Our club only meets once per week, so busy students who are in advanced course or nursing majors can join easily and learn manners, courtesy, and knowledge for international exchange.

  • Flower Arrangement

    Flower Arrangement

    By joining our flower arrangement club, you can earn the Misho school diploma for flower arrangement. There are many methods of arrangements, including creative arrangements depending on the flower. Teacher will provide private lessons for each member and the finished works are displayed at home or around the school property to welcome guests.