2. Club Activity

Club Activity

  • Basketball


    We are working hard towards going to prefecture-wide and nationals every day. Our strength is our energy!! Join our team, as we offer many things you can gain, other than basketball skill!

  • Volleyball


    We have a very energetic team that never lacks smile. Our motto is "heart-to-heart volleyball" and we have been working hard to advance further in tournaments. Why don't you join our team to work on the same goal together?

  • Softball


    Our team is very cheerful and working hard towards prefecture wide tournament as well as interscholastic championships. Why don't you enjoy Meijo life by joining our family like team?

  • Ski

    Ski Club

    Ski club is rare for Osaka, but we are working hard towards interscholastic championships and nationals! In our training camp, you will have many opportunities to meet people from other schools and experience many different things. We will train anyone, from beginners or advanced, so feel free to challenge yourself by joining our team!

  • Soft Tennis

    Soft Tennis

    With our team counselor and coach, we are working towards prefecture competition and the interscholastic championship as both an individual and team goal. Also, being on our team helps growth in manners and interpersonal skills, along with technical skills for soft tennis, which are all valuable for your lifetime.

  • Swimming


    We have swim practice in the summer, and mainly physical training in the winter. Relationships between the seniors and juniors are very friendly, so we have a very fun team. Both beginners and advanced are welcome. Why don't you join us?

  • Track and Field

    Track and Field

    Our team has a fun atmosphere, everyone gets along very well, and coaches are very passionate about the team. We hope many juniors can join the well-established Meijo Track and Field team and a have satisfying high school life with us.

  • Baton Club

    Baton Club

    We have a fun club with our fellow baton lovers. We strive to improve our skills to perform at school events and participate in various contests. Beginners can start from the basic baton techniques, so everyone is welcome! Please join us!

  • Dance Club

    Dance Club

    We have many different performance opportunities at the annual school festival as well as the welcome party for international students. We welcome all dance lovers, regardless of experience. Let's dance!