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ユネスコスクール (Associated Schools Project )は、ユネスコ憲章に示された理念を実現するために活動している学校で、全世界で多くの学校がユネスコスクールネットワーク(ASPnet )に加盟し活動を行っています。
ユネスコスクールは、そのグローバルなネットワークを活用し、世界中の学校と交流し、生徒間・教師間で情報や体験を分かち合い 、地球規模の諸問題に若者が対処できるような新しい教育内容や手法の開発、発展を目指しています。
日本でも、公立私立を問わず、幼稚園、小学校・中学校・高等学校及び教員養成系大学がこのネットワークに参加しており、明浄学院高等学校は2010年11月にユネスコスクールネットワーク(ASPnet )への加盟が承認されました。

The UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network(ASPnet), commonly referred to as UNESCO Associated Schools, is a global network of educational institutions in over 180 countries in the world.
We are connected with schools over the world, share information, and experiences between students and teachers. We work discuss global issues and ideas for education for sustainable development. In Japan, public or private schools, from pre-schools, primary, secondary schools and universities can join the network. Meijo Gakuin High School was admitted to ASPnet in November 2010.
Sounds like anyone can join...but it's actually quite difficult and time consuming to join. Maybe we should cut this out in Japanese and English.

本校の取り組み Actions in Meijo Gakuin


In Meijo Gakuin, there are traditional events that have been cultivated in its 90 year history. Through many global opportunities, teachers are striving to help each and every student to broaden their horizons. Day by day, students will mature through education, interaction and communication enabling them the knowledge to survive in the modern society and achieve their dreams and aspirations.


明浄がユネスコスクールに認定されたのをきっかけに、明浄ユネスコクラブが発足されました。「グローバルな視野で物事をとらえ、自ら考え、発信しよう。また、対話によりその思いを共有すると共に、私たちにできることを考え、行動しよう!!」 そんな目標のもと、仲間たちで元気に活動を行っています。


After being admitted as a UNESCO school, Meijo UNESCO Club was formed. "Capture the world with your own eyes, and share your ideas with others to make the world better place." Following this motto, students are planning and working on activities to achieve their goals.

In every activity, students have meetings twice a week with a native speaker. They discuss world issues all in English. One of their current activities is collecting old books from students and selling them where the funds are used to build a library in Africa.
We would like to expand various activities that allow students to communicate with different kinds of people outside of our school and beyond the borders of Japan with the world.