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学校案内/国際教育 主な取組み


In Meijo Girls' High School, we offer various global courses for students to learn languages, histories, and cultures in order for students to make a positive contribution to the global society as a woman.

短期交換留学 Student exchange program

マリスト校 短期交換留学 Marist, short exchange program

本校では、オーストラリア、シドニーにある姉妹校Marist Sisters' College Woolwich校との短期交換留学制度があります。両校の生徒が互いの高校を約2週間訪れ、授業やツアーに参加し異文化交流体験を行っています。滞在期間中はホームステイをしながら学校に通います。姉妹校ならではの交換留学ですので、本校を訪れたマリスト校の生徒が、あちらでのホストファミリーになってくれたりと安心して参加できるプログラムになっています。また、マリストの生徒を受け入れるホストファミリーも希望者が多数出るほどの楽しいものになっています。

Students have an opportunity to study abroad in one of our popular programs, at "Marist Sisters' College Woolwich" in Sydney, Australia. It is a 2 week homestay and study exchange program where students join regular classes and learn about Australian culture. Host families welcome our students with open arms and provide a wonderful homestay experience. There is also an opportunity for our students to be a host family for students from Marist.

海外への修学旅行 Overseas School Trip

海外への修学旅行 Overseas School Trip

2年生になると、全員がオーストラリアでファームステイをします。ホストファミリーの方々の温かな人柄に触れ、文字通り、「異文化交流」を体験するのです。そこで得られるのは、一生の思い出と広い視野。 オーストラリアの雄大な自然の中で、一回りも二回りも成長する、それが明浄の修学旅行です。

All 2nd grade students participate in a farm stay in Australia for the school trip. They will have wonderful memories and intercultural communication. Experiences with nature in Australia will provide students a chance to broaden their vision and grow as a person.
※Destination may change, subject to availability

少人数による英会話の授業 English lessons in a small group

少人数による英会話の授業 English lessons in a small group


In the 1st grade, students are enrolled in the everyday English conversation lessons with a native speaker in a small group setting. This is the first step for the students to challenge themselves in a fully immersed English speaking environment. Students gradually build their English foundation and confidence preparing them for 2nd grade everyday topics English lessons and also the farm stay trip in Australia. In the 3rd grade, students continue the English lessons in a team teaching class, with one native teacher and Japanese teacher to further explore the English language.

積極的な交流活動 Interaction activities

台湾の高校生との交流 Intercultural exchanges with high school students from Taiwan.

台湾で行われた「高校生による国際会議『International High School Youth Leadership Conference Taiwan』」への参加や、ユネスコ国際教育交流事業による韓国の先生方との交流など、生徒たちが主体となってさまざまな活動に意欲的に取り組んでいます。

In order for students to broaden their perspectives and develop a global outlook, we offer various opportunities to students to exchange ideas and opinions with students from all over the world on various issues. One program is the "International High School Youth Leadership Conference in Taiwan" with participants from Africa, America, Canada and Japan. Another program, held by UNESCO international educational exchange business in Korea, encourages students to exchange ideas about their local activities in improving the society and environment.